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Revolutionizing method to walk you and/or those you love to a place of healthy relationships.

Used by professional and college athletes.
Research proven.
Featured on several national television documentaries.

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 Our Counselors / Trainers

Dominic Herbst, , M.A., M.S., Certified Psychologist
Founder & President

A therapist, author, consultant, and public speaker, Dominic is a nationally renowned figure in the fields of family counseling and relational healing. Based on his desire to bring victory and restoration to individuals and their families, he developed a healing model and has authored several publications for group and personal use. Dominic has counseled individuals and families in crisis for over 25 years and is called upon for consults with people throughout the United States.

Joseph Herbst, M.A., Executive Director
With over seven years of experience in the fields of youth and family intervention including alternative education, residential treatment, and adult corrections, Joseph is passionate about engaging the community in the area of family relationships and restoration.  Joseph earned a Master of Arts and Religion from Liberty University.